Membership signup is closed until September 2020

How does membership work?
It’s simple we just ask that you participate! What separates KOBBE is that we are a private social club, before we’re a bourbon group. We prioritize pouring back into the community before hunting for our next bourbon pour! Hence our motto “Come for the Bourbon, Stay for the Community!” We host a monthly meeting every 3rd Friday of the month, and will host a minimum of six events a year. All we ask is that throughout the year you attend a combination of five events a year. But hey, we completely understand schedules, obligations, and limitations for all our members. So for those unable to attend a minimum of five events a year, we ask for a donation towards benefiting our annual charity drive.

Membership includes:
• Single ticket to the annual Bourbon & Benevolence ($80 Value)
• Pair of KOBBE Custom Wee Glencairn Glass, sometimes called the Distillers glass (miniature Glencairin). 
• One custom KOBBE Hat (One Size Fits All)
• Opportunity to attend exclusive events available only to membership. (based on availability, subject to change)


If I purchase my membership online, how will I receive my welcome package?

You may reserve to pick up your package at any public event or paid event you have purchased a ticket for. However, if you’re unable to attend an event to pick up your membership welcome package, you may request to receive your membership package in the mail. Membership packages will ship via USPS Flat Rate Box at a cost of $15.00 per membership.

Is it an annual membership?
Yes, it is an annual membership that runs February – January.

Stay for the Community :

Not ready for membership, or you missed the signup period? Join our closed Facebook group, KOBBE & Friends, your hub for bourbon tips, discussion, reviews, releases, and more. Once you’ve done that, start posting! Go ahead and ask questions, connect with others, and post your own tips!

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Welcome to the Community!

KOBBE Inc. is a private 501c social club. KOBBE Inc. does not discriminate in its membership selection on the basis of race, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical disability. We only ask those joining to to have an interest in activities that will support and enhance the KOBBE Inc. mission.