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 Who We Are :

Since 2017, Kentucky’s Original Black Bourbon Enthusiasts (KOBBE) founder, Jamar Mack, has set out to create a space that is both divine and luxurious as it is approachable and community-oriented. 

KOBBE is a 501(c)(3) bourbon social club & non-profit organization devoted to making change. Mack created the concept and then recruited local friends Stephon Anderson, Josh Thompson, Chester Johnson, and Jason Bonner to be a part of the magic. KOBBE is a community of diverse devotees, spanning 8 states and counting, with a collective social conscience and passion for whiskey. 

From the very beginning, KOBBE has always had a philanthropic focus. Classified as a tax-exempt charitable organization, KOBBE as a community knows that issues in this country won’t be solved through bourbon, but that bourbon can bring people together. 

Humanitarian action is at the forefront of all that KOBBE does, and bourbon is the throughline. Through whiskey raffles, auctions, membership engagement, and our annual soiree, Bourbon & Benevolence, KOBBE has raised over $75,000 in charitable giving.  

At our start, we began curating donation drives for low-income communities – from books to school supplies, to non-perishables, to toys & more. We’ve since evolved into providing funding directly to organizations doing the work we admire most.  Learn more about our charitable giving (HERE)

Since our inception, KOBBE has made waves as one of the only bourbon communities of its kind. As a Black-led safe space for all demographics, KOBBE members are often committed for life. Jamar Mack was featured as the first American-born person of color on the cover of Whiskey Magazine detailing KOBBE’s work. He was also featured on Season Five, Episode Five of Samantha Brown’s “Place to Love”. In addition, KOBBE has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Whiskey Advocates, Yahoo! Finance, Biz Journal, Punch Drink, Vine Pair, The Courier Journal, & more. 

Our Mission :
Drink Good Bourbon, Keep Good Company, Do Good Deeds

Our Motto :
Come for the Bourbon, Stay for the Community

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If you’re interested in donating or getting involved with an upcoming collection drive or fundraisers, please email us or make a donation below.

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