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Who We Are :

Kentucky’s Original Black Bourbon Enthusiasts (KOBBE), a 501(c)(3) has always had a communal spirit for charity work and helping the community since its start in 2017.  Jamar Mack created the concept and then recruited local friends Stephon Anderson, Josh Thompson, Chester Johnson, and Jason Bonner to be a part of the magic. Now they have reclassified as a charity organization and are an official donor-advised fund, acting as a vital conduit between brands and the bourbon industry to collect, raise, and distribute funds to benefit deserving organizations. Our primary goal is to leverage brand participation and partnerships as powerful vessels to raise money for worthy causes.

KOBBE’s passionate founder, Jamar Mack, leads the charge, supported by a board of visionaries. Events hosted by KOBBE are curated with Jamar’s creative genius, promising better, more fun, and experiential gatherings. This development marks a new chapter in our mission to make a significant impact on the bourbon industry.

Our ultimate aspiration is embodied in the declaration – “Back, and better than ever!” The COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes to the limitless potential of KOBBE. With an energetic and emboldened community, KOBBE is catapulting into the next chapter of our journey.

Formerly a traditional social club, KOBBE has evolved. Now, a trailblazer for experiences in spaces not traditionally visited by people of color, KOBBE aims to host and curate events that make them feel welcome. As part of our commitment to inclusivity, KOBBE has established a scholarship program that aims to send people of color and minorities to universities and trade schools, focusing on the bourbon industry. Our goal is to provide access and exposure to individuals who have come from humble beginnings but harbor immense belief and potential through our passion and drive for serving the community.

We are driven by the desire to make a presence and create a lasting impact. This is not just about us; it’s about something BIGGER. Join us in this thrilling new chapter of KOBBE, where bourbon and benevolence unite to change lives and shape the future.

Learn more about our charitable giving (HERE)

Jamar Mack was featured as the first American-born person of color on the cover of Whiskey Magazine detailing KOBBE’s work. He was also featured on Season Five, Episode Five of Samantha Brown’s “Place to Love”. In addition, KOBBE has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Whiskey Advocates, Yahoo! Finance, Biz Journal, Punch Drink, Vine Pair, The Courier Journal, & more. 

Our Mission :
Drink Good Bourbon, Keep Good Company, Do Good Deeds

Our Motto :
Come for the Bourbon, Stay for the Community

If you’re interested in donating or getting involved with an upcoming collection drive or fundraisers, please email us or make a donation below.

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