KOBBE’s 6 Year Anniversary Month Celebration


Kentucky’s Original Black Bourbon Enthusiasts (KOBBE), a local non-profit organization that works to fuse bourbon events & iconic brand partnerships with philanthropic endeavors, celebrates 6 years of existence with a series of inclusive bourbon-themed events in February. 

For the past 6 years, KOBBE has been creating unique events curated by founder, Jamar Mack. These bourbon-centric events exist to welcome returning attendees, or introduce newcomers, to the kinds of experiences KOBBE is known for. Mack continues to collaborate with iconic names in the bourbon industry for KOBBE events, and the 6-year KOBBE anniversary celebration is no different. The anniversary events began as a weeklong celebration, but gained traction from local bourbon leaders, and now will take place all throughout February across Kentucky. 

“We’re excited to showcase new ideas on how events come to life in the bourbon community, and celebrate 6 years of KOBBE,” said Jamar Mack, KOBBE founder & event curator, “there are so many diverse minds apart of this industry, and it’s time to create something different that feels interesting, modern, and accessible for everyone.” 

Tickets to KOBBE’s anniversary celebrations can be purchased at www.squadup.com – Search KOBBE or the links below.

The anniversary events schedule is as follows: 

⇒ Wednesday, February 15 – Heaven Hill tasting and Bottled-In-Bond Education with “The Whiskey Professor”, Bernie Lubbers at Bourbons Bistro. Bernie will talk guests through a tasting and provide education on Bottled in Bond. This event will take place on the covered patio at Bourbons Bistro, and will have limited space. Suggested $10 donation. 

Learn More and RSVP (HERE) or visit www.squadup.com/events/feb15

⇒ Thursday, February 16 – Pursuit Spirits Tasting and Meet & Greet at Bourbons Bistro, 6-8 PM. Pursuit Spirits founders and creators of the Bourbon Pursuit Podcast – The Official Podcast of Bourbon, will host a tasting on the covered patio at Bourbons Bistro. Limited space & suggested $10 donation. 

Learn More and RSVP (HERE) or visit www.squadup.com/events/feb16

⇒ Tuesday, February 21 – Wilderness Trail Bourbon “KOBBE Single Barrel” Release & Tasting at Taste Fine Wines & Bourbons, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM. A Wilderness Trail tasting will be hosted by Macaulay Minton “Barrel Guru” and Haley Perros “National Brand Manager” of Wilderness Trail. Selected by KOBBE members and owners of Taste Fine Wines & Bourbons, the Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon will be available for purchase by attendees.

Learn More and RSVP (HERE) or visit www.squadup.com/events/feb21

⇒ Wednesday, February 22 – Kentucky Peerless Double Oak Rye “KOBBE Single Barrel” Release & Tasting, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM. For this event with KOBBE, in collaboration with distillery owner Corky Taylor, a special 5-Year Double Oaked Rye has been selected with their Single Barrel Team. The Single Barrel will feature a special label celebrating KOBBE’s anniversary, and bottles will be available for purchase in the gift shop, through pre-sale only, at a special anniversary event price. Outside of this event, bottles will be sold at their regular retail price. 

Learn More and RSVP (HERE) or visit www.squadup.com/events/feb22

⇒ Thursday, February 23 – Copper & Kings Distillery “KOBBE Single Barrel” Release & Tasting, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. At Copper & Kings Distillery, taste & purchase your own bottle of an 8yr bourbon (distilled in Indiana) aged 18 months in a used Copper & Kings apple brandy barrel. Copper & Kings Master Distiller, Brandon O’Daniel will be available for questions and education. Guests will also be able to taste other Copper & Kings products while enjoying neo-soul music and the innovative energy of Copper & King’s style & neighborhood. Additional drinks & food will be available for purchase. $20 entry and each bottle are $68.90. 

Learn More and RSVP (HERE) or visit www.squadup.com/events/feb23

⇒ Friday, February 24 – Evan Williams Bourbon Experience tasting, history, & Speakeasy experience – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. This event will include a greeting with a welcome cocktail, tastings, passed apps, a presentation on Tom Bullock & Old Fashioned history in the iconic speakeasy, open house tours, and more. $20 entry.  

Learn More and RSVP (HERE) or visit www.squadup.com/events/feb24


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