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Woodford Reserve 2018 Derby Bottle Affair

KOBBE in partnership with Woodford Reserve invites you to a thrilling night at our Fire & Ice themed party featuring Keith Anderson, Woodford Reserve’s 2018 Commemorative Derby Bottle artist. This one night only experience will feature fire dancers, custom created cocktail ice, indoor & outdoor music entertainment, and a live art presentation by Keith Anderson.

Custom created ice for cocktails from Kentucky Straight Ice

Live Vinyl DJ set in The Cellar Lounge from Kim Sorise of The Spinsters Union of Louisville and the Derby City Soul Club.

Live improvised music on the outside patio from Chris McConnell

Professional fire entertainment from Jenna Noelle and Allie O’Daniel

Cocktail and food specials throughout the evening, including full restaurant menu available

NO Cover Charge. Please remember to consume responsibly!fire ice flyer

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